SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2001-06-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2001-06-01
  • Cleaner and quieter snowmobiles
    The University at Buffalo's entry into the Clean Snowmobile Challenge led to modifications of engine, exhaust, body, and electronics to achieve a snowmobile with both lower noise and emissions.
  • Predicting pump dynamics
    The dynamic behavior of a Parker Hannifin/Abex NWL hydraulic-axial-piston pump was simulated to determine information on pump flow ripple for longer pump life and reduced noise.
  • Electronic engine management for small engines
    Through an overview of sensor technologies, Cherry Electrical Products confirms that the off-highway industry is ready to benefit from the automotive industry when it comes to electronically controlling small engines.
  • Globally positioning mining vehicles
    High-tech guidance systems for mining vehicles supplied by companies such as Magellan Corp. are one of the most prevalent uses of global positioning systems in off-highway applications.
  • The search for engineers
    The recent booming economy has put a premium on engineering jobs. Here is a look at what some off-highway companies are doing to find people to fill them.
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