• All about endurance
      Co-founder of San Diego State University Baja SAE team narrates a success story from behind the wheel.
    • Air superiority
      Legacy of the astronaut Neil Armstrong helps provide institutional motivation for aerospace engineering students at the University of Cincinnati.
    • Spartan power
      Concentration on new engine helps propel San Jose State to success at 2017 Formula SAE Michigan competition.
    • Boot camp at Georgia Tech
      Integrating new students into the aero design team helps keep Georgia Tech in winning form.
    • A fresh start
      Keeping it simple is a key component in turning around the fortunes of Kettering University's Formula SAE team.
    • No secrets to success for Michigan Baja Racing
      Hard work and a focus on winning are the simple reasons why the team keeps coming out on top in Baja SAE.
    • Knowledge wins at 2017 Formula SAE Lincoln
      The University of Pennsylvania and Texas A&M win the Electric and Internal Combustion Classes, respectively.
    • Flying high at SAE Aero Design
      New for the twin 2017 competitions in Texas and Florida was a requirement for planes registered in the Regular Class to carry "passengers."
    • Pedal to the metal at Formula SAE Michigan
      More than 100 university teams compete in this premier student racecar design competition combining static and dynamic events.
    • Removing bumps on the path to fully automated driving
      Inaugural workshop for new AutoDrive Challenge student competition held at SAE World Headquarters.
    • All about electronics
      UniBo Motorsport of the University of Bologna in Italy details its self-developed electronic control units and strategy for use in its Formula SAE cars.
    • Golden Bear strong
      A dispatch from the coalfields of West Virginia describes the unique set of challenges faced by the Baja SAE team at West Virginia University Institute of Technology.
    • And the SAE Collegiate Cup for best communicators goes to…
      The Kettering University's snowmobile team for its outstanding presentation to the SAE Mid-Michigan Section.
  • ‘Not just a student club’
    How the University of Toronto Aerospace team (UTAT) came to redefine the mission and structure of the design team.
  • Success doesn’t come by chance
    In an SAE International technical paper, students at the University of Idaho identify best practices for their SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge team.
  • Winning formula
    Auburn University team hopes to carry forward the momentum of victory at the 2016 Formula SAE Lincoln competition into 2017.
  • Formula ETS: a new beginning
    This year’s Formula SAE car features a complete chassis redesign.
  • Trimming processes for advanced steels
    Greater quality control improves automotive manufacturing trimming processes for high-strength steels, resulting in reduced levels of scrap.
  • Getting on the right track
    SAE Collegiate Chapter involvement opens the door to invaluable experiences and beneficial networking opportunities.
    • The comeback car
      The Cal Poly Pomona FSAE Team implements several measures to help overcome setbacks and achieve a podium finish at Formula SAE Lincoln.
    • Going deep
      The uBox concept car developed as part of Clemson's Deep Orange program features a uniquely formed roof part.
    • Creating a monster
      North Dakota State University SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge team brings to life a war-torn engine pieced together with parts from another.
    • All about the engine
      The University of Wisconsin-Madison team increases engine displacement and implements exhaust gas recirculation to maintain winning ways in SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.
    • Fluid mechanics of diesel injection studied at Penn State
      Special photography method helps student researchers get a better look at spray patterns.
    • Under new management
      A senior-heavy squad from Minnesota State University, Mankato, takes a different approach to team dynamics and jumps 34 spots to 17th overall at the 2016 Formula SAE Michigan competition.
    • Ruling the skies
      Warsaw University of Technology and Georgia Tech dominate SAE Aero Design competitions.
    • European teams take top spots at FSAE Michigan, U.S. teams at FSAE Lincoln
      Universitat Stuttgart of Germany and Auburn University of the U.S. take crowns at SAE Collegiate Design Series Formula competitions.
    • Michigan Baja Racing repeats as Baja SAE season champion
      Coming in second is Rochester Institute of Technology, which was victorious in one of the 3 Baja SAE competitions.
    • CMU goes full futuristic
      A student team from Carnegie Mellon University offers its take on a proposed new mode of transportation involving tubes and pods.
    • Three CDS teams win MOMENTUM design awards
      Teams from British Columbia Institute of Technology, University of Idaho and Pakistan Navy Engineering College win competition for best description of an innovation for their 2016 SAE Collegiate Design Series vehicle entry.
    • These pro tips can earn your CDS team point
      Members of SAE International's Collegiate Design Series staff offer 10 tips to help teams fully realize their potential at competition.
    • A beast of its own kind
      The University of Michigan Solar Car Team falls a bit short in 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, but distinguishes itself nonetheless.
    • Finding career inspiration via algorithm
      Participation in collegiate engineering competitions can reveal untapped talents and interests. Just ask Ohio State student Katherine Bovee.
    • SAE 2016 World Congress preview
      Powering Possibilities is Toyota's goal at SAE 2016 World Congress.
    • Stanford goes solar down under
      Team takes sixth place in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge to cap a rigorous two-year design and development program.
    • Taking the lead
      Being in charge of an SAE Student Chapter entails everything from organizing meetings to issuing 'nastygrams.'
    • A winning video from a winning Collegiate Design Series team
      The defending champion of the Formula SAE Michigan competition, Oregon State University, has found another way to win.
    • SAE U.K. Section co-hosts lecture series 'starring' NASA engineer/expert
      Dr. Ravi Margasahayam of NASA is the engineer responsible for ensuring payload safety for the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.
    • Behind-the-scenes methods have made MRacing, the team from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, a consistent contender in the Formula SAE student design competition.
    • Presenting their winning aero design to the SAE International Board of Directors, University of Akron students tell a story of engineering excellence and resiliency.
    • Presenting their winning aero design to the SAE International Board of Directors, University of Akron students tell a story of engineering excellence and resiliency.
    • Eleven students from Montreal university journey to Seattle for an education on aerospace technology and aerospace careers.
    • Finding success on an international track
      Student members of the University of Missouri's Formula SAE team are learning firsthand that international collaboration is the future of engineering.
    • A vision. A car. A cause.
      New Mexico State Aggies are tough enough to race pink.
    • CyberAuto Challenge helps close talent gap
      Having a supply of high-quality young engineers is key to beefing up the automotive industry's cyber defenses.
    • UMich-Ann Arbor team takes home Baja season's Iron Team Award
      Cornell University also had a strong 2014 season, but not strong enough to fend off Michigan Baja Racing.
    • Georgia Tech and Warsaw University were double-winners at SAE Aero Design competitions
      University of Akron and University of Cincinnati were the other winners at the twin 3-class competitions, the former setting a record in the process.
    • West Coast teams win 2 of 3 Formula SAE events
      Oregon State captures its fifth crown while Jose State enjoys its first overall victory and UPenn tops the electric field.
    • Taking action early to conquer the STEM crisis
      Interest in STEM subjects falls precipitously as students progress through elementary and middle school.
    • Deep thinking about deep space
      NASA is mining the rich fields of knowledge and creativity in the minds of university students to improve living and working conditions in space.
    • Rise of the underdogs
      Problem-plagued effort last year spurs Baja SAE team from VIT University of India to overhaul itself and its car.
    • Materials, data-aq packages among choices touted in Collegiate Cup contest
      Central Michigan's Baja team, which did some impressive materials analyses, takes home the SAE Mid-Michigan Section's trophy as part of that professional group's Engineers Week activities.
    • Toyota looks for more from college students than high GPA
      "Those that participate in an SAE related-activity display passion for the automotive industry, and these candidates are ideal for our organization."
  • Diesel gets a promotion at SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
    The main rules change for the 2015 season is creation of a new engine category (diesel), the event’s organizer notes in providing an overview of the SAE Collegiate Design Series competition.
  • Wisconsin-Stout puts faith in gearbox redesign for Baja
    Blue Devil Racing Team believes packaging and durability advantages more than offset weight and low-end-torque penalties.
  • Test cell at Kansas University does double duty
    Single-cylinder engine test cell designed for research into biodiesel also serves as an instruction tool for students.
  • University of Michigan students have hand in Volt battery reliability
    Technology co-developed by U of M monitors the quality of welds used in the joining of Chevy Volt battery cells.
    • Taking on the Valeo Innovation Challenge
      Two Canadian teams-the University of Ottawa and the University of Waterloo-finished in the top 3 among about 1,000 other universities from around the world in this challenge devoted to spurring innovative ideas for transportation.
    • Colorado State University designs fuel-cell plug-in hybrid system
      Competing in the EcoCAR2 competition using a Chevrolet Malibu, the Colorado State team designed a system that features a 15-kW polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell system, an 18.9-kW•h/177-kW lithium-ion battery, and a 145-kW motor.
    • Cal State Fullerton combines art and engineering
      Team's submission on its Formula SAE car won first place in the second annual Generation Auto video contest organized in part by SAE International.
    • Collaborative research project leads to potentially swarming VTOL UAVs
      The AVIGLE VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) unmanned aerial vehicle was developed via collaboration by a variety of entities for a variety of applications. RWTH Aachen University developed the drone's aerodynamic shape.
  • Have diesel will race (and learn)
    Mazda’s factory SkyActiv diesel race program switched to the Prototype class in 2014, teaching the SpeedSource team valuable engineering lessons for 2015.
  • Starting and developing an engineering career: barriers and opportunities
    Very strong role models who have a marked enthusiasm for their subject are needed at every point along an employee’s education and work career.
  • The knock on gasoline engines
    Two major strategies to increase the efficiency of SI engines are to raise the compression ratio and to downsize the engine using a turbocharger, but both have issues with knock. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan Automotive Laboratory tackle the problem.
  • Minecraft: getting kids into coding
    Stephen Foster, CEO and Co-founder of THOUGHTSTEM, has a new outlook on STEM education and the utilities that can be used to get kids involved in software coding.
    • Buckeye Current's TT triumph
      The Ohio State University reprised its third-place finish in the 2014 TT Zero for all-electric motorcycles, beating some of the pros on the world's toughest race circuit.
    • Kettering FSAE team improved as season progressed
      Lowest priced may not mean the best, but certainly not the worst.
    • Leveling the field: getting #girlsinstem
      Despite facing the brunt of gender segregation, women are forging ahead and dramatically improving STE M, both academically and professionally.
    • Mercedes-AMG's SLS departure opens door to new GT
      Powering the car is an all-new biturbo 4.0-L V8 available with two power levels: hot (GT) at 340 kW (456 hp) and exceedingly hot (GTS) at 375 kW (503 hp).