• Demon alcohol?
      The impact of Ethanol fuels on regulated tailpipe emissions is studied and assessed by two Chrysler researchers in a 2012 SAE technical paper.
    • The row about rare earths
      Rare-earth elements are key to applications as varied as traction motors, catalytic converters, and wind turbines, but high prices and supply shortages have the auto industry grappling with design changes and other alternatives.
    • 'Infernal' combustion no more
      Continuous improvements to the 130-year-old ICE aim to keep conventional engines ahead of electric drive.
    • Alternative fuels tested at altitude
      Federal government researchers in Canada tested certain alternative fuels at simulated altitudes and found that they do offer some benefit.
    • Alternative fuels heat up
      This is a rich time for combustion researchers. The need for better fuel efficiency and improved emissions has never been greater.
    • New software model to help engine makers meet diesel soot standards
      Simulation enables engineers to predict particulate formation early in the design process.