SAE Electronics + Connectivity

    • Integration opens the door
      Semiconductor suppliers are integrating many functions into power devices while also cutting power consumption in an environment, automotive doors, where 8-bit microcontrollers still hold sway.
    • Securing IT in the sky
      Along with IT systems and communication links comes IT security as a new factor when evaluating and monitoring the operational risk that needs to be managed during the operation of the aircraft.
    • Data collection made easy
      Heavy vehicle makers, telematics providers strive to add more features while simplifying startup.
    • Efficient, low-cost power converters for EVs
      Losses when power converters change the currents, voltages, and frequencies of electrical fees mean efficiencies are in high demand for EVs and everything else electric.
    • On the cusp of connected cars
      An auto consortium is set to put the wireless V2X safety network to the test with 120 cars in the Frankfurt region.
    • Thinking long and hard about heavy-duty telematics
      A study of the factors that should be considered by a vehicle OEM when implementing a telematics solution in heavy on- and off-highway mobile equipment markets.