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Jaguar's green technology Jaguar is synonymous with sporting elegance and refinement-and now also high tech materials and green endeavour. Ian Adcock gets the inside story from the all new XJ's engineering design team Spotlight on Phil Hodgkinson Phil Hodgkinson talks with Ian Adcock about Jaguar Land Rover's future engineering strategy EcoBoost set to cut fuel consumption by 20% Ford's EcoBoost is about more than cutting engine capacity and adding direct injection, turbocharging and twin variable camshafts. Automotive Design reveals the technology behind the headlines

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-02-25

Metering hydraulic characteristics Multidimensional simulation is increasingly applied to the investigation of the fluid dynamics behavior of hydraulic components.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-02-16

Foreign relations: US F1 A team based in the heart of America's NASCAR country takes on the world of Formula One. Energizing materials Materials science and engineering will continue to play a major role in realizing new energy opportunities.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-02-03

Checking on safety As safety moves into the spotlight, many diagnostic techniques ensure that all the elements work reliably. Going green, quietly The emphasis on reduced emissions is not about to affect teh attention given to the desired levels of comfort and refinement in vehicles.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-02-02

Multiple cores bring multiple challenges Rapid adoption of dual-core processors requires change in areas such as software, hardware, power consumption, and heat dissipation. All the weight down New models may be larger than the vehicles they replace, but automakers are combating potential weight gains by turning to clever aluminum and carbon-fiber structures.

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2010-02-01

Giving the blind the freedom to drive A Virginia Tech student team answers a call to action by the National Federation of the Blind's Jernigan Institute. 'Ultimate Youthmobile' of 2030 At the 2009 LA Auto Show, California designers envision the future. BMW's six-cylinder motorcycle Concept points to possible production bike. Modeling and simulation put emphasis on early planning The shift to model-based design and simulation is changing the way aircraft are designed, shifting the focus to the early phases of development. Early planning is critical for success, as is establishing techniques that ensure that files move freely between various work teams.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-01-28

For operators, a more quiet day at the office New materials that reduce weight and new strategies that control vibrations are finding their way into heavy equipment. The result is a bit more agility and efficiency.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-01-19

Top new engines AEI editors highlight the most significant powerplants of the new year and beyond. Ferrari V8 The new 4.5-L engine for the 458 Italia challenges turbo units on power and specific output. Ford V6 Significant changes to the Duratec 37 for the 2011 Mustang result in Camaro-beating power with 30-mpg efficiency. Hyundai 2.4 Theta II GDI The company revs output of its four-cylinder family with its first application of gasoline direct injection. Porsche Turbo flat six Direct injection and special dry-sump lubrication boost power and torque of the latest 911 Turbo powerhouse. Toyota V10 Nine years in development by Toyota and Yamaha, the 9000-rpm engine for Lexus' new LFA supercar boasts an abundance of titanium and a unique counterbalancer system.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-01-14

Software takes center stage Programs for hydraulics must combine reliability and flexibility. Technical Innovations Carraro launches concept variable transmission transaxle. Original Eqipment Case CE says new crawler dozer offers big performance, not weight.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-01-05

Optimizing ICEs for hybridization Automakers and powertrain R&D specialists are developing combustion engines specifically for series-hybrid, EREV, and PHEV applications. Top engineers explain the opportunities involved. Consolidation in radios creates fragmentation As radio head units begin handling more functions, the hardware that handles these tasks is being scattered throughout the vehicle.