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SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-03-25

Still need steel? The use of ultra-high-strength steels is on the rise in a number of industries, including off-highway. But many alternatives are being considered, driven by the need of companies to be environmentally friendly.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-03-24

Machine programming investigates a new STEP While the machining industry has adapted to the 50-year-old standard for CNC machine language commonly known as G-Code, a community of engineers has worked on a replacement, the STEP AP238 protocol known as STEP-NC. Is the machining world ready for it?

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-03-11

Applying emissions control strategies MTU Detroit Diesel comes clean about what it feels is its best path to Tier 4 Interim off-highway emissions compliance.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-03-10

CAM's converging byways "Art to part" is an ancient catchphrase. But it's taking on new dimensions with advances in machine controllers, inter-machine communications, and design approaches.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-03-02

Focused on fuel economy Optimizing vehicle fuel efficiency takes a combination of engineering solutions and driver behavior. In part one of his two-part series, AEI examines the technologies being employed. Part two, coming in the April 6 print edition, discusses drivers' impact on higher mpg. Sound engineering Engineers using advanced tools create the sound of today's vehicles. Collaboration, innovation on the agenda The SAE 2010 World Congress, with the theme "Ecollaboration: engage. exchange. excel," will be held April 13-15, 2010, at Cobo Center in Detroit, MI. With this theme, host company Ford is calling for collaboration as a way to develop innovative solutions to overcome economic and environmental challenges. Speaking of controls Voice recognition has made big strides, but intergrating it into a seamless human-machine interface is a huge challenge.


Jaguar's green technology Jaguar is synonymous with sporting elegance and refinement-and now also high tech materials and green endeavour. Ian Adcock gets the inside story from the all new XJ's engineering design team Spotlight on Phil Hodgkinson Phil Hodgkinson talks with Ian Adcock about Jaguar Land Rover's future engineering strategy EcoBoost set to cut fuel consumption by 20% Ford's EcoBoost is about more than cutting engine capacity and adding direct injection, turbocharging and twin variable camshafts. Automotive Design reveals the technology behind the headlines

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2010-03-01

Risk, adventure, and learning from the past The Cal Poly 2009 Formula hybrid car with the funny wheels took first place in the "Hybrid in Progress" category. North American international auto show concepts The most significant vehicles features either full- or hybrid-electric powertrains, signaling the industry's intent to further electrify the new car world. Collaboration, innovation on agenda SAE 2010 World Congress to offer more focused technology and cost-saving solutions.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-02-25

Metering hydraulic characteristics Multidimensional simulation is increasingly applied to the investigation of the fluid dynamics behavior of hydraulic components.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-02-16

Foreign relations: US F1 A team based in the heart of America's NASCAR country takes on the world of Formula One. Energizing materials Materials science and engineering will continue to play a major role in realizing new energy opportunities.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-02-03

Checking on safety As safety moves into the spotlight, many diagnostic techniques ensure that all the elements work reliably. Going green, quietly The emphasis on reduced emissions is not about to affect teh attention given to the desired levels of comfort and refinement in vehicles.