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Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-05-19

Heading back to the future As the buzz about space grows, and with the potential for government resurection of funding, materials for space travel-and materials creations in space- are taking on new life.


Spotlight on Ulrik Grape Ulrik Grape, president Ener1 Europe, gives Ian Adcock an insight into the future of EVs Technological Tour De Force This year's SAE World Congress was a showcase for advanced technologies. We highlight those that impressed most Wankel's new lease of life Once dismissed for its oil consumption and high wear rates, Wankel rotary engines could be reborn in a range extender, as Ian Adcock discovers

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-04-28

Propulsion challenges Universities and research institutes in the U.K. are playing an ever-growing role in EU aerospace development projects as well as maintaining an independent industry workload.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-04-22

Cleaner living A different approach to powertrain emissions testing is needed as the off-highway industry prepares to meet the challenges of forthcoming Tier 4 standards, both Interim and Final.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-04-07

Hatching revolutionary and evolutionary technologies A look at several of the research incubators that could alter the future of civil aerospace engineering and manufacturing programs.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-04-06

AEI Best Engineered Vehicle 2010- Ford Taurus The readers and editors have selected the most significant vehicle of the year. Ford attacks premium sedan segment with all the technology it can muster. Focused on fuel economy Technology is only part of the solution for reducing vehicle energy consumption. In part 2 of AEI's Fuel Efficiency series, vehicle engineers explain why driver behavior is also a key factor. No stopping safety system advances Engineers are focusing on active systems intergration, especially with radars and cameras, more centralized processing, and silicon germanium for 77- GHz systems. Shedding pounds on a magnesium diet Tough CAFE standards are pushing automakers to consider using more lightweight magnesium rather than aluminum, steel, or plastics.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-04-05

Switching to new controls Hall-effect switches, LEDs transform cab interiors. Save the weight For efficiency improvements, the desire to reduce the mass of vehicle subsystems is far greater than the ability. As a result, off-highway suppliers must seek innovation and technological advances through other means.

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2010-04-01

Teaming to win Oregon State University and Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg-Ravensburg announce global formula racing collaboration. Exploring Michigan's solar continuum A look back at the winning car's solar energy management strategy reveals the crucial role of software tools in the success. Engineering is art At Audi, design and engineering work together to create vehicles that meld aesthetics with physical necessity.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-03-25

Still need steel? The use of ultra-high-strength steels is on the rise in a number of industries, including off-highway. But many alternatives are being considered, driven by the need of companies to be environmentally friendly.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-03-24

Machine programming investigates a new STEP While the machining industry has adapted to the 50-year-old standard for CNC machine language commonly known as G-Code, a community of engineers has worked on a replacement, the STEP AP238 protocol known as STEP-NC. Is the machining world ready for it?