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Aerospace Engineering 2012-01-18

UAVs shrink as missions, and emerging technologies, grow Remotely piloted air vehicles are getting smaller in size as technology permits previously unattainable performance from smaller packages.

Automotive Engineering International 2012-01-17

Designing batteries for longer life Engineers at battery makers are striving to boost life by carefully balancing charge rate, cooling, safety margins, casing size, and protection.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2012-01-12

Cummins digs in with high-speed diesel Cummins started with a clean sheet, and some legacy technology, for what it describes at the most powerful highspeed diesel ever built.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-12-14

Booking flights on biofuel The aviation industry is now deploying biofuels on commercial flights after years of demonstration test flights, but high costs will keep bookings few and far between for a few more years. Beating brownout A look at a new airborne landing aid that provides safe-flight capabilities for front-line helicopter crews in degraded visual environments. Making battlefield targets disappear The use of 'smart' special materials has the potential to radically alter the way military platforms are defended, and used.

SAE Vehicle Electrification 2011-11-30

The buzz about electric aircraft Emissions limits force the aviation industry to study hybrid and battery-electric propulsion systems. Car-to-X marks the secure beamforming spot Intelligent networking of cars and infrastructure promises a future of enhanced active safety and traffic efficiency, though as an open and decentralized system, car-to-X is exposed to various attacks against security and driver's privacy. Talking big A look at factors that should be considered by OEMs when implementing a telematics solution in the heavy-duty on- and off-highway mobile equipment markets.


Spotlight on Bernard Gilmont Ian Adcock talks with the European Aluminium Association director about light weighting and improved vehicle efficiency Hydrogen: The Power Broker Andrew English on the challenges of storing hydrogen, using metal-organic frameworks Bridging the gap In an Automotive Design exclusive, Richard Yarrow reveals the secrets behind Harman's interconnected infotainment technology

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-11-17

Technology crosses industry borders Between the commercial- and military - vehicle markets, knowledge sharing and tech transfer benefit both in areas such as vehicle electrification and alternative fuels.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-11-16

Eco-efficient materials for bluer skies Airbus researchers discuss material options to fulfill current and potential environmental requirements over a product's in-service life.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-11-03

Tier 4 for large bore Engineers show that a pre-turbine aftertreatment system offers clear and distinct benefits in terms of compact, cost-effective emissions reductions. Programmed for safety and reliability The software that adds features and functions is becoming more reliable as standards and new techniques transform design processes. Electrohydraulics improve with new lift-control strategy Fuel consumption, torque delivery, and emissions can all be improved through flexible control of the valve timing, duration, and lift.

Automotive Engineering International 2011-11-01

Driving the pace of change Engineers speak out on software's impact on the automotive industry in online survey. Inside ZF's nine-speed transaxle for 2012 AEI travels to Friedrichshafen for an exclusive look at the development and technology behind the 9HP--the industry's first nine-speed transaxle slated for MY2013 production. Technology crosses industry borders Between the commercial- and military vehicle markets, knowledge sharing and tech transfer benefits both in areas such as vehicle electrification and altenative fuels. Cutting the cost of carbon Automakers streamline production to reduce the price premium for lightweight carbon fiber.

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2011-10-28

Running on fumes The trials and tribulations of a team of engineers as it strives to build a high-mileage vehicle from the ground up. BYU team brings clean water to Tanzania For its capstone project, a Brigham Young University team designed and implemented a human-powered drill with motorized functionality to provide the much-needed resource to remote populations in Africa. Mizzou Engineering Electric Car Club contributes to national safety effort University of Missouri students gather data for hybrid and electric vehicle first responder materials. Hyundai introduces Veloster The new coupe is obviously something different from a styling standpoint, and a second rear-access door on the passenger's side just adds to that distinction.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-10-26

An icy reception Next-generation propulsion systems for next-generation aircraft still have to address an (ice) age old problem.

Automotive Engineering International 2011-10-18

New charging technology comes with no wires attached For now, conductive charging using plugs is state of the art in the world of EV charging, but research and demonstration projects are under way to determine whether wireless charging has a future.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-10-13

CAE simulation and test advance together With increasing pressures on companies to develop products faster with less cost, CAE simulation and physical test forge stronger ties.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-10-12

Digital aerospace gets dynamic Aerospace design is advancing from the static to the dynamic as PLM and simulation tools enable systems architects to design validated systems earlier in the process. Internet connectivity goes worldwide Coverage permitting Web access is growing and getting faster.

Automotive Engineering International 2011-10-04

2012 Verano vies for NVH benchmark General Motors 'throws the toolbox' at its new entry-level Buick as it aims to create the quietest compact in the market. Ford charges up Focus EV for 2013 With major engineering support from Magna, Ford's first battery-electric passenger car promises Leaf-blowing features including half the charge time as that claimed by Nissan using a 240-V SAE J1772 Class 2 charge source. Launch of 2012 Camry It was the best of timing, it was the worst of timing As the automotive industry still reels from economic and natural disasters, Toyota looks for blue skies ahead with the introduction of the seventh-generation Camry. New Passat marks VW's return to U.S. production The car is larger than its German-built predecessor but priced thousands of dollars less to match the C/D-class competition. The plant assembly line has 150,000 capacity, over 10 times the 2010 Passat sales volume.


Spotlight on Sanjay Ravi Mark Fletcher discovers how The Cloud can help the automotive industry Powering Aspirations Ian Adcock reviews technologies at this year's Frankfurt motor show Stop-Start Breakthrough Kami Buchholz reports on an innovative Schaeffler stop-start for automatics

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2011-09-29

I was promised flying cars Though flying cars seem unlikely to become reality anytime soon, driverless vehicle technology is improving more quickly than you might expect. Quantum leaps toward world solar car title Armed with a dramatically lighter and aerodynamically cleaner racecar, the University of Michigan team likes its chances down under in the 2011 World Solar Challenge. Designing an aerodynamic undertray for a Formula style racecar Using CFD analysis, a master's student discovers an effective design for the undertray of a Formula SAE racecar. Hypersonic possibilities When it comes to reviving high-speed air travel, it all comes down to propulsion, propulsion, propulsion.