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Automotive Engineering International 2010-09-07

Optimizing the replacement for engine displacement New boosting and fuel-delivery technologies, and even twin-cylinder ICEs, are among the solutions being employed by powertrain engineers aiming for the next round of fuel-consumption and emissions targets. Back to basics Top Toyota executives discuss steps taken to bolster quality control during the development process while still forging ahead with new innovative product. Hyundai builds on success The company and Kia share European technologies and facilities, but they maintain individual model and marque identities as their presence strengthens. Teeming with ideas Automakers and suppliers get together to address consumer-electronics-friendly life cycles.

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2010-09-01

High-speed education @ formula hybrid event Annual competition provides a hands-on learning experience for undergraduate and graduate engineering students. Body-shaped for supermileage Six different single-occupant vehicles designed and built by teams of collegiate engineering students snared four-digit fuel economy at Eaton Corp.'s Marshall, MI, test track during the 31st annual SAE Supermileage competition in June. Mercedes-AMG goes with the current flow Opening the doors on new technology. First flight approaches for 'disruptive' new UAV engine An earlier iteration of UAS' Nightwind 2 in flight, powered by an off-the-shelf industrial engine. Three resume tips for college grads Employers often hire recent graduates to mold new hires to their own corporate culture and work philosophy, leading some employers to look more for potential than for specific experience.


Spotlight on Karl Stracke General Motor's vice president global vehicle engineering talks to Ian Adcock about how GM is revolutionising its engineering strategy Re-engineering the future Ian Adcock goes behind the scenes of Ford's new global platform that will underpin 2.5 million models The connected car Keith Howard investigates the latest trends in internet-enabled infotainment systems

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-08-26

Keeping up with the pace of change Test centers are continually upgrading and expanding their facilities and equipment to handle the latest engine and emissions technology.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-08-17

The doctors are in Engineering services companies such as Ricardo, FEV, and IAV are on call to help automakers and suppliers overcome the loss of engineers to layoffs as they diagnose and solve weight-reduction and fuel-economy problems.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-08-11

Taking a deeper look at NDT Rapid adoption of composties in aircraft has accelerated the need for newer and faster nondestructive testing methodologies. We look at some of the issues.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-08-03

Executive Viewpoints: Check Corp - Economic trends drive seat heater growth Executive Viewpoints-Vehicle Development Insights from Industry: Driving Factors for Future Innovation - Economic trends drive seat heater growth. Executive Viewpoints: Cummins - Doing more with less Executive Viewpoints-Vehicle Development Insights from Industry: Driving Factors for Future Innovation - Doing more with less. Executive Viewpoints: Dana - Systems integration in the off-highway world Executive Viewpoints-Vehicle Development Insights from Industry: Driving Factors for Future Innovation - Systems intergration in the off-highway world. Executive Viewpoints:Delphi - Making the right connection Executive Viewpoints-Vehicle Development Insights from Industry: Driving Factors for Future Innovation - making the right connection.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-08-03

Reality check for electric vehicles A Royal Academy of Engineering panel says that EVs will do for cities and most commutes, but many British motorists will still need plug-in hybrids for longer trips.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-07-28

Inside information on lightweight materials While plenty of engineering effort is being made to change materials on the outside, there is as much going on with aircraft interiors to cut weight.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-07-22

Lightweight, heavy-duty protection Next-generation military ground vehicles are being designed with materials that make them lighter for mobility while stronger to resist explosive impacts.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-07-20

A new Opel-Vauxhall emerges Opel-Vauxhall CEO Nick Reilly is confident of the potential of electric vehicles. Volvo technology enters new era The deal transferring Volvo's ownerhip to the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is expected to be sealed before the fourth quarter of the year, offering a lower cost base that could see Volvo sales up from about 390,000 this year to a million by 2016. Time for more consultations Lotus Engineering's new director, Dr. Robert Hentschel, thinks hard and often, especially about electric bicycles in China, building bridges to the future, extended-range hybrids, and vehicle links to the infrastructure. Aston Martin rides out the recession The company is relying on a combination of its flexible VH vehicle architecture, a small-car partnership with Toyota, and component multitasking to see it into the future.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-07-08

A good defense The latest military ground-vehicle navigation and communications give crews unprecedented situational awareness and on-the-move capability.

Automotive Engineering International 2010-07-07

EV opportunities as the future becomes current As OEMs lay out their plans for an increasingly electric vehicle future, suppliers and engineering consultancies consider the way ahead.


Spotlight on Neville Jackson Ricardo's group technology director discusses powertrain development with Andrew English Charging into the future Electrically-driven superchargers could be a key technology in enabling downsized engines as Ian Adcock discovers The case for CAE Mark Fletcher reports on an advanced virtual dynamics suite

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2010-06-24

The evolution of engineering via computer CAD has come a long way since the 1970s and '80s. Now with a price tag less that 10% of a 1980 system, CAD and its add-ons can tackle an ever-increasing range of tasks inculding automated engineering.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-06-23

Fast-track propulsion testing Whether it is compressor refinement or complete test programs for next-generation aircraft, the level of propulsion system development in Europe seems to be ever-increasing.