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SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-10-13

CAE simulation and test advance together With increasing pressures on companies to develop products faster with less cost, CAE simulation and physical test forge stronger ties.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-10-12

Digital aerospace gets dynamic Aerospace design is advancing from the static to the dynamic as PLM and simulation tools enable systems architects to design validated systems earlier in the process. Internet connectivity goes worldwide Coverage permitting Web access is growing and getting faster.

Automotive Engineering International 2011-10-04

2012 Verano vies for NVH benchmark General Motors 'throws the toolbox' at its new entry-level Buick as it aims to create the quietest compact in the market. Ford charges up Focus EV for 2013 With major engineering support from Magna, Ford's first battery-electric passenger car promises Leaf-blowing features including half the charge time as that claimed by Nissan using a 240-V SAE J1772 Class 2 charge source. Launch of 2012 Camry It was the best of timing, it was the worst of timing As the automotive industry still reels from economic and natural disasters, Toyota looks for blue skies ahead with the introduction of the seventh-generation Camry. New Passat marks VW's return to U.S. production The car is larger than its German-built predecessor but priced thousands of dollars less to match the C/D-class competition. The plant assembly line has 150,000 capacity, over 10 times the 2010 Passat sales volume.


Spotlight on Sanjay Ravi Mark Fletcher discovers how The Cloud can help the automotive industry Powering Aspirations Ian Adcock reviews technologies at this year's Frankfurt motor show Stop-Start Breakthrough Kami Buchholz reports on an innovative Schaeffler stop-start for automatics

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2011-09-29

I was promised flying cars Though flying cars seem unlikely to become reality anytime soon, driverless vehicle technology is improving more quickly than you might expect. Quantum leaps toward world solar car title Armed with a dramatically lighter and aerodynamically cleaner racecar, the University of Michigan team likes its chances down under in the 2011 World Solar Challenge. Designing an aerodynamic undertray for a Formula style racecar Using CFD analysis, a master's student discovers an effective design for the undertray of a Formula SAE racecar. Hypersonic possibilities When it comes to reviving high-speed air travel, it all comes down to propulsion, propulsion, propulsion.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-09-28

Up in arms over robots As one-armed robots improve in accuracy, gradually expect to see more of them as the pressure grows in aerospace to augment manual labor.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-09-22

Materials' effect on aftertreatment Researchers from Tenneco discuss DPF acoustic performance through an evaluation of various materials and conditions.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-09-07

Hypersonic possibilities When it comes to reviving high-speed air travel, it all comes down to propulsion, propulsion, propulsion. Shrinking electronics help fuel rising usage Integration helps UAVs carry more sensors and send data faster, making unmanned aircraft more valuable. A greener flight path 'Eco-efficient Innovation Leading the Future of Aviation' is the theme of SAE's 2011 AeroTech conference to be held OCt. 18-21 in Toulouse, France. Manufacturing advanced materials A look at some of the challenges of additive layer manufacturing, as well as the advantages it brings to the aerospace industry.

Automotive Engineering International 2011-09-06

Back to the future- the Honda way In a far-ranging discussion, the company's President of R&D opens the curtains a little on the inner workings of research and development from the CVCC engine to the new two-motor hybrid system. Mazda takes off "Skyactiv-ward" Senior Managing Executive Officer Hirotaka Kanazawa, whi is in charge of R&D, discusses the Skyactiv package of technologies that he hopes will lift the company's eco prospects. Chrysler pushes ICE limits with Multi-fuel, MultiAir R&D program Chrysler Powertrain engineers, in a collaborative research program with the U.S. Department of Energy, aim to squeeze a lot more efficiency out of the good old internal combustion engine. No longer a blip on the screen Luxury vehicles have used radar for years, but now systems are poised to enter the mainstream as safety demands rise and costs come down.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-09-01

The man challenges of Tier 4 engineering Cutting and controlling emissions are the surface goals, but designers must also manage to cut and control costs, while adding complexity. A cool look at heat protection CFD is used to predict flow and thermal fields within the engine compartment both at steady state and transient conditions. Hushing hydraulics Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology put their energies into novel, compact devices for reducing fluid-borne noise.

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2011-08-29

SAE Supermileage champ achieves 2158 mpg Teams of collegiate engineering students show pathways to amazing vehicle fuel efficiency inthe 32nd annual competition, making the top 10 meant beating 500 mpg! Engineer employment study reveals positive hiring trends A recent study from SAE analysts suggests that the future may be looking up for mobility engineers on the job hunt. Oklahoma's active Aero attack Students at the University of Oklahoma have spurred new ideas for aerodynamics development in Formula SAE with their newest wing package. SJSU grad, GM engineer receives Rumbaugh Award Rumbaugh Award recipient Randy Floresca says being involved with SAE was key to securing his current job. Electronics take the lead in the motorcycle race Bike-industry engineers are integrating electronic and electrical technologies in the quest for higher performance, more features-and zero emissions.

SAE Vehicle Electrification 2011-08-24

One souped-up EV North Carolina-based Li-ion Motors draws upon the region's motorsports heritage to engineer and build what it calls the world's first all American-made electric supercar. Inductive charging gets green flag U.K.-based start-up HaloIPT partners with Drayson Racing to bring 'dynamic' wireless charging to electric racecars.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-08-11

Working together to meet Tier 4 requirements Engines and hydraulics are brought together by electronics and software. Turning engineers on- and off Top engineering executives from Daimler Trucks North America lead the technology discussion at this year's SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress, again covering topics paramount to both on- and off- highway engineers.

Automotive Engineering International 2011-08-02

Electronics take the lead in the motorcycle race Bike-industry engineers are integrating electronic and electrical technologies in the quest for higher performance, more features-and zero emissions. Engineering everywhere Companies are increasingly leveraging global resources and tools to help develop products faster and more cost-effectively.


Spotlight on Wolfgang Dürheimer Ian Adcock discovers ambitious plans for Bentley, Bugatti, and Volkswagen motorsport Pixel-ated In an Automotive Design exclusive, Ian Adcock gets the inside track on TATA's and Torotrak's unique zero-turn technology 'Buy to drive' Manufacturing Keith Howard investigates the benefits of additive manufacturing

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2011-07-28

Losing weight with lost foam casting Equipment made with lightweight materials can improve fuel consumption and increase available payload capacity.

Aerospace Engineering 2011-07-27

Material matters While new airplane designs now entering service will use more carbon-fiber composites than ever, it is no time to count out aluminum, as promising new versions of alloys such as aluminum-lithium gain ground.