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SAE Electronics + Connectivity 2012-09-05

Securing IT in the sky Along with IT systems and communication links comes IT security as a new factor when evaluating and monitoring the operational risk that needs to be managed during the operation of the aircraft. Data collection made easy Heavy vehicle makers, telematics providers strive to add more features while simplifying startup.

Automotive Engineering International 2012-09-04

The Lexus rises again Kiyotaka Ise is leading the effort to redefine the Toyota luxury brand with 'Lexus emotionality.' Hyundai powers ahead Dr. Woong-Chul Yang, Vice Chairman, Hyundai Motor, and the head of Hyundai-Kia R&D, explains how his company is striving to be the most-loved, but not necessarily the biggest car company-with the help of technology and powertrain leadership from Seong-Hyon Park, Hyundai's President of Powertrain. Next-generation lithium batteries step forward Developmental solid-state lithium-ion and lithium-air batteries could one day provide ample EV power.

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2012-08-31

ETS Baja parts failure analysis: Geared for success When the ETS Baja team had to withdraw from the Baja Auburn 2012 event due to abnormal gear failure, an extensive analysis was required to ensure that problems of this nature would not surface again. After some serious investigation, the conclusion of almost 30 hours of research was unexpected and proved surprisingly simple. Body and soul rule at 2012 Formula SAE Months before the Formula SAE Michigan competition in May, teams were hashing out product development decisions. The end-game was presenting a racecar that had the right stuff for earning high points in the challenge's vehicle design evaluation as well as the acceleration, skid pad, endurance, and autocross dynamic performance events.

SAE Vehicle Electrification 2012-08-21

RAV4 EV races to market After just a 22-month development program, engineers from Toyota and Tesla produce an all-electric version of the popular SUV. Integrating in-wheel motors Four publicly disclosed vehicles are examined for which Protean Electric has taken a leading role in converting into electric or hybrid prototypes.

Aerospace Engineering 2012-08-15

Everything's looking up for aircraft with Internet connections Satellites will make global connectivity possible. Composite bonds put to the test The application of adhesive bonding as a joining technology for CFRP aircraft structures is essential for the realization of novel lightweight design concepts. Aerospace leads in additive manufacturing The unique advantages of making metal parts from powder-bed additive manufacturing are looking attractive to engine manufacturers. Europe's aerospace sector at a crossroads Europe is facing a massive black hole in its future defense procurement portfolio. What will replace today's fighters and trainers when the present order backlogs have been produced?

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2012-08-09

FEA of light-vehicle cab's hydraulic mount Using finite element analysis on a cab's hydraulic mount can shorten product development time and reduce development costs significantly.

Automotive Engineering International 2012-08-07

Advances in simulation deliver better engines Engine developers need to deliver cleaner engines that burn less fuel, are more durable, and quieter. If that was not enough, competitive pressures are forcing them into shorter time lines and reduced budgets. Engine developers may have no other opportunity to reduce cost and risk than use more CAE simulations.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2012-07-26

Quiet in the cab As NVH gains importance in the quality of off-highway machines' performance and operator comfort, it is essential to understand every aspect of the machine noises and its annoyance effect to the operator's comfort.

SAE Powertrain & Energy 2012-07-25

The row about rare earths Rare-earth elements are key to applications as varied as traction motors, catalytic converters, and wind turbines, but high prices and supply shortages have the auto industry grappling with design changes and other alternatives.


An eye on the road ahead Professor Alan Baddeley tells Ian Adcock how driving can be made easier and safer Bearing gifts Ian Adcock discovers from Federal Mogul how bearings will improve engine efficiency Raising the roof Tony Lewin reports on a new breed of open tops and convertibles

Aerospace Engineering 2012-07-18

Designing the optimal airframe Integration of simulation software tools is the key, from aerodynamic CAE to structural analysis and optimization.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2012-07-05

After diesel A look at some offshoots-hybrids, HCCI, and alternative fuels-to the ever-popular diesel engine in the off-highway industry. Software gains (hydraulic) power Development processes are being revised as software becomes a centerpiece of electrohydraulic designs. Virtual sensing gets real As emissions regulations get more strict, emissions measurement must get more precise for onboard diagnostics, engine control, and model-based controller design.

Automotive Engineering International 2012-07-03

Light and mighty Finding innovative ways to reduce vehicle weight while maintaining vehicle safety will be key to achieving the 2025 fuel-economy target. Controllers bulk up to manage engine's intricacies Chips hold more memory and boost throughput to help improve fuel efficiency. Electric Renault also focused on internal combustion Already becoming known in Europe as the 'electric company,' Renault, together with Alliance partner Nissan, is determined to pursue EV solutions but in parallel with intensive ICE programs, says Philippe Klein, Renault's Vice President, Corporate Planning, Product Planning, and Programs. Volvo plugs into high technology The company may be on a high-technology roll with its new plug-in diesel hybrid and its shift to a maximum four-cylinder philosophy-with three-cylinder units likely, according to Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President of Research & Development.

SAE Vehicle Electrification 2012-06-26

Argonne heats up Li-ion battery research The U.S. Department of Energy lab near Chicago is using federal stimulus money to dive deeper into lithium battery research. Lithium-ion battery industry moves forward From technology advances to manufacturing capacity expansions, the foundation of the lithium-ion battery industry is becoming stronger and more viable.

Aerospace Engineering 2012-06-13

The big boys go for plastic While it is true that the latest developments in advanced alloy manufacturing techniques can deliver structures and components that meet all the product requirements that aerospace primes need for new aircraft, there can be no escaping the fact that there is now an unstoppable momentum building up for the plastic airplane.

Automotive Engineering International 2012-06-05

Raj Nair's world's-eye view Ford's new global product-development chief discusses engineering resources to meet Asia-Pacific growth, China's challenges, U.S. CAFE, and lightweighting full-size trucks. Raising the bar on SI engine efficiency Highly boosted gasoline engines with 13:1 compression ratio? BorgWarner is tackling gasoline-engine pumping losses and finding many fuel-efficiency benefits as a result. VP of Advanced Engine Engineering Chris Thomas reveals the methodology-and more. GE makes power play into automotive The iconic American conglomerate sees great potential in electric vehicles, helping utility customers upstream ensure reliable and efficient energy delivery for EV customers downstream, says GE's Mark Little. Hybrid-electrified Le Mans Audi and Toyota bring hybrid-electric racecars to the renowned 24-h race.

SAE Electronics + Connectivity 2012-05-30

Efficient, low-cost power converters for EVs Losses when power converters change the currents, voltages, and frequencies of electrical fees mean efficiencies are in high demand for EVs and everything else electric.