Automotive Engineering International 2008-11-01

Automotive Engineering International 2008-11-01
  • Managing software growth
    An increased emphasis on modeling and autocoding makes it easier to add software-based features and functions, driving a sea change in the way complex automotive systems are designed.
  • Going beyond Bin 5 and Euro 5
    An early look at some of the emissions-control and aftertreatment technologies and tools aimed at helping automakers meet future U.S. and European regulations.
  • Finding flexibility
    Although automation is important to achieving flexibility, manufacturers cannot neglect product design, manufacturing processes, and personnel.
  • Looking for a little help
    Automotive companies increasingly look outside, offshore to get complex designs finished quickly.
  • The autonomous future
    Like it or not, cars that drive themselves are on the horizon. Will you trade control for safety?
  • Dodge Ram
    A keen focus on fuel economy centers on improved aerodynamics, powertrain efficiency, and weight-reducing technologies.
  • Honda Pilot
    The eight-passenger SUV adds inches and content, but still watches its weight.
  • Ford F-150
    The 2009 F-150 brings greater vehicle efficiency, refinement, and feature content.
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