Automotive Engineering International 2003-05-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-05-01
  • Product is king in North America
    As it does every year, AEI takes a look at automotive industry trends in the three major regions of the world, beginning in this issue with a look at the North American industry and how domestic OEMs and suppliers are shaping its future. Europe will be the focus in June, Japan in August.
  • A powerful mix
    Traditional and not-so-traditional power sources will share the roads in North America as OEMs and suppliers continue to research and develop a variety of advanced propulsion technologies.
  • Consumer research drivers interior trends
    OEMs are giving suppliers greater responsibilities not only for delivering vehicle interiors, but also for consumer research that leads to compelling interior designs.
  • Body and chassis developments
    Advanced technologies are enabling light trucks and SUVs to close the ride, handling, and safety gap with passenger cars.
  • Automotive networking
    Though CAN dominates the automotive market, a number of complementary protocols are expected to gain acceptance to address specific needs for speed, reliability, and value.
  • Enlightened interiors
    OEMs and their suppliers are developing technology for optimized interior illumination and greater brand differentiation.
  • Improving racecar aerodynamics
    Aerodynamic development of the 2001 NASCAR Dodge Intrepid R/T was accelerated with a combination of analysis and testing.
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