Automotive Engineering International 2005-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2005-06-01
  • Technology development under pressure
    Achieving major cuts in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption continue to be the big challenges facing the European automotive industry. But are the targets realistic, can emerging technology deliver solutions, is driveability likely to suffer, and will the end-user face higher costs?
  • Pulling power
    The European industry is creating more (or at least as much) with less for the latest-generation powertrains.
  • Chassis evolution
    Is it time for suspension system designs--increasingly costly to develop--to be standardized to conform to the ride and handling requirements of particular types and segments of cars instead of constantly being re-invented? The mere idea is anathema to some, but tempting common sense to others.
  • Creature comforts
    Priorities for interior design are many and include increased safety, reduced noise, greater comfort, less complex ergonomics, and more systems support for the driver.
  • Conceptual thinking
    Automakers' concept vehicles test the limits, but even extreme dream cars harbor some production content.
  • Getting active in safety
    Engineers are developing technology that can help control vehicles to avoid accidents, but implementation for some features will come sooner than others.
  • The digital way
    Math-based technology is transforming how automakers accomplish product development tasks.
  • A Motor City evolution
    Detroit is attracting more and more automotive technical centers as its manufacturing base declines.
  • It's all about solutions
    SAE 100 Future look: When you talk about traditional perceptions of materials in the automotive industry, you talk pounds, pellets, and pails.
  • Passion for an airless future
    SAE 100 Future look: Michelin is passionate about technology and innovation, which have been bred into the company's culture since its founding more than 100 years ago.
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