Automotive Engineering International 2005-07-01

Automotive Engineering International 2005-07-01
  • Body assembly
    Automakers cut sheet metal and weld bodies as precisely as possible to lay the foundation for good overall vehicle quality.
  • Handling the ride
    Delivering a balance between ride and handling has traditionally been a challenge for suspension designers, but suppliers of different technologies are showing how compromise may not be the only solution.
  • Brilliant displays
    Liquid crystal displays and light-emitting diodes are helping to enable bright, reconfigurable screens.
  • Performance from within
    Automakers gild profit margins and polish reputations with in-house high-performance divisions.
  • Hybridized SUVs
    A redesigned hybrid drivetrain gives Toyota's V6-powered SUVs--the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX 400h--V8-like performance and compact-class fuel economy while achieving the most stringent SULEV emissions standard.
  • Automatic upgrade
    Toyota's hybrid system gets a transmission overhaul for SUVs.
  • Sticking with pushrods
    General Motors and Chrysler continue to improve the breed with recent high-profile engineer.s
  • Touring the world
    Organizers of the World Touring Car Championship aim for global competition with a cost-controlled production car series.
  • Collaboration is king
    SAE 100 Future look: We in the auto industry need to develop and embrace a futurist strategy that draws from insights learned in the past to attain sustainable growth--expecially in the current automotive industry climate where the only constant in "future" is change.
  • Plastics offer a head start on future
    SAE 100 Future look: In the global automotive industry, we are seeing important trends that already are influencing the design and construction of future vehicles to create a point of differentiation for auto manufacturers.
  • A lighter future
    SAE 100 Future look: Automotive design is at a critical crossroads as the world braces for the dramatic environmental ramifications of explosive population growth and urbanization.
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