• Electronics arms race hots up
      The automotive supply chain landscape is undergoing huge transformation. Dr. Elmar Dagenhart, chairman of the executive board, Continental AG, explains how his company plans to be right at the forefront
    • Sizing up the down-sizing challenge
      With the impact of VW's 'Dieselgate' still being felt widely, the Aachen automobile and engine technology Colloquium was particularly pertinent this year. Ian Adcock reports on the most significant technologies and presentations.
    • Double coupe coup!
      Automotive Design'sIan Adcock reflects on some of the concept cars from 2015 that caught his eye
    • Fuelling a sustainable future
      What is the best route for the UK to achieve its targeted 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions? Automotive Designweighs up the options
    • No hiding place
      If vehicles eventually talk to each other and to infrastructure stations, as expected, there's going to be a massive amount of data about traffic and road conditions, writes Terry Costlow
    • Achieving top grade
      Volvo becomes only the third manufacturer to install a Vi-GradeSim to develop its chassis. The company's vehicle dynamics concept engineer Carl Sandberg reveals the inner workings of Vi-DriveSim
    • Tearing down the global barriers
      Steering systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as Ian Adcock discovers when talking to the men leading Nexteer's European expansion
    • €1.1 billion worth of Bentley luxury
      Bentley's Bentayga is the first in a new generation of luxury cross-overs. Ian Adcock reveals its engineering secrets
    • Goal: "virtual" perfection
      Should simulations be 100% accurate? It's impractical and unnecessary, says one expert, and lays out the reasons why
    • The weighting game
      Ryan Gehm and Kami Buchholz report on how new materials help vehicles to shed weight
    • Enter the engineering entrepreneurs
      Behind the exhilarating headlines that are the very stuff of motorsport, you will find the specialist entrepreneurs, using their multiple talents to take on the most daunting of engineering challenges
    • Below the surface, into the future
      'Sense, plan, act' is German supplier Continental Technology's mantra for future technologies, as laid out at the company's recent symposium
    • Ground-breaking engine concepts unleashed
      Clément Dumand, manager, advanced engineering and research department, PSA Peugeot Citroën, reveals to Ian Adcock how Convergent Science's meshing software is aiding engine design
    • Transmission: on a mission
      Ian Adcock speaks with Oerlikon Graziano's head of performance, automotive, Paolo Mantelli, about the revolution ahead for transmission systems.
    • Inside the proving factory
      Ian Adcock reports on a new business model designed to bridge the skills gap between engineering start-ups and the motor industry.
    • Sensing danger, maximum response
      Automotive Design looks into passenger safety systems.
    • Bringing it all together
      Ian Adcock catches up with GKN's newly appointed president, Group Technology, Rob Rickell.
    • Graphene Supreme
      Ian Adcock discovers what role graphene is likely to play in the vehicles of tomorrow.
    • What lies beneath?
      Automotive Design looks into chassis developments that are designed to ensure local preferences are catered for globally.
    • Riding on a high
      Rudi Schurmans and Ben Patel head up Tenneco's suspension and clean air divisions. Ian Adcock discovers what the automotive future holds for them
    • Driverless revolution has begun!
      Breakthrough Photonic radar promises greater accuracy at lower cost, Ian Adcock discovers
    • Winds of change are here
      Simulating aerodynamics will make a step-change in vehicle design, as Stephen Remondi, President and CEO of EXA, explains to Ian Adcock
    • All the right connections
      With 2013 sales of $6.8 billion, Dana is a leading tier one supplier. Ian Adcock catches up with its chief technical and quality officer George Constand.
    • Jaguar's lightweight challenger
      Ian Adcock uncovers the secrets that make the XE saloon, Jaguar's most important car yet.
    • Boxing clever
      How composite crashboxes save weight and cost
    • DuPont: from art to part
      DuPont's newly appointed global automotive technology director Jeffrey Sternberg, in conversation with Ian Adcock.
    • Igniting the creative spark
      Ryan Gehm and Lindsay Brooke report on breakthrough technologies at the SAE Congress.
    • Winning ways
      Ian Adcock exclusively reveals the newly formed Williams Advanced Engineering facility.
    • Driverless future: steering a safe course
      Google unleashing 100 driverless, motorised pods on to the road has put the need for rigorous safety standards centre stage, as Ian Adcock reports
    • Downsizing: the heat is off
      Ian Adcock discovers why a material developed in the nuclear industry could prove a real boon for OEMs as they look to downsize engines.
    • Lightweight champions
      Could an alloy with the strength of steel, but as light as aluminium, prove to be a game changer for the automotive industry? Ian Adcock investigates.
    • Road fatalities: eliminating the human factor
      In a new series on vehicle safety, Ian Adcock looks at the need for more driver intervention systems.
    • UK plc? It's the only place to be!
      Where is the best location for global car makers and suppliers to grow their businesses and research and development? The UK, says AIO's Joe Greenwell, without hesitation. Ian Adcock reports
    • Time for a rethink
      A free-piston IC generator has been developed for range-extended hybrids. Steven Ashley looks at the implications
    • One champ, two contenders
      Breakthrough battery technology and electric power assist are the key factors that will accelerate the transition to 48 volts, says Ian Adcock
    • Exhausting Possibilities
      A novel herringbone design of exhaust catalyst could be the 'Eureka' moment for emissions reductions, says ACAT Global's CEO Joseph W Moch. Ian Adcock tries to unravel the story behind it
    • A right royal performance
      An interior influenced by the Jubilee celebrations? James Brewer finds out more
    • Virtually, the real deal
      OEMs want faster time to market, reduced development costs and ever more sophisticated testing. Ian Adcock reports
    • Out of thin air
      Thomas Korn, Alset Global's VP of product development and technology, talks to Ian Adcock on the company's pioneering hydrogen dual fuel system
    • Quest for the missing link
      Modelling tyre behaviour and how that influences vehicle dynamics is a key factor in developing ride and handling, as Ian Adcock discovers
    • Emissions mission: 2020 vision
      Variable valve timing for petrol engines is everywhere to be seen. So are we ready to go beyond that yet? Tony Lewin finds out
    • Valve controls
      Imagine a valve control system that is infinitely variable irrespective of engine speed and load. Impossible? Not according to Camcon Automotive's technical director Roger Stone, as Ian Adcock discovers
    • Mother Nature knows best
      What can the automotive industry learn from nature when it comes to weight saving? Ryan Borroff has been finding out
    • Building up the pressure
      Tony Lewis reports on the growing trend towards even higher line pressures in injection systems.
    • Top tech talent
      Spotlight on some of the technologies that have been judged worthy of an AEI SAE 2013 Tech Award
    • On the charge
      New solutions for turbocharger hoses were revealed at a leading international conference. Ian Adcock reports
    • Gateway to electronic future
      Chris Edwards asks if field-programmable gate array will be the next big step in automotive electronics
    • Green revolution
      How green can a car plant be? Hugh Hunston travels to Tangiers to discover if Dacia has the answers
    • Stop, thief!
      Facial recognition could be the answer
    • Manufacturing reformation
      Additive 3D printing could well revolutionise manufacturing, as Ian Adcock discovers
    • A shift in the oil mix
      Tony Lewin speaks with Dr Mathias Woydt of Berlin's Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
    • Wind cheater
      As OEMs strive for greater vehicle efficiency, subtle changes in aerodynamics can deliver significant rewards, as Ian Adcock discovers
    • Democratisation of Technology
      Ian Adcock caught up with Andreas Schamel,
    • Quest for the self-propelled car
      A team of experts is working to integrate batteries into structural components, in a move that could not only lead to the efficiency and range of vehicles being increased, but ultimately see them powered by their own body structures. Ryan Borroff reports
    • Flexible and intelligent
      Engine management systems are becoming increasingly complex, in order to cope with a wider range of fuels, as well as tougher legislation. Chris Edwards reports
    • Walking the torque
      A system that fills in the torque gap of a turbocharged diesel engine, allowing a smaller power unit to punch well above its size, without the dreaded 'lag'-that has to be a winner, surely. So a decade later, why has it yet to come to market? Ian Adcock ponders the reasons
    • Tipping the scales
      The original Range Rover revolutionised the automotive industry when it was launched. Some 42 years later, the latest version looks very much set to do the same as Ian Adcock reports
    • Can computers take control safely?
      In the name of improved safety, some favour a future where automation takes charge of a fast-moving vehicle. The more cautious support advanced systems that simply warn drivers of potential problems. Who will win out? Chris Edwards reports
    • An eye on the road ahead
      Professor Alan Baddeley tells Ian Adcock how driving can be made easier and safer
    • Bearing gifts
      Ian Adcock discovers from Federal Mogul how bearings will improve engine efficiency
    • Raising the roof
      Tony Lewin reports on a new breed of open tops and convertibles
    • The welding game changer
      Daniel Jubera of Novelis talks exclusively to Ian Adcock about its new laser weldable aluminium
    • On the supercharge
      A new variable supercharger from V-Charge could herald a new era of downsized engines. Ian Adcock reports
    • Making the MOST of in-car data
      Mark Fletcher takes a look at MOST and discovers how it is helping OEMs to keep pace with consumer demands
    • Winning the power struggle
      Ian Adcock finds out more from Dr Robert Brand of Vacuumschmelze and drivetek's Drs Andrea Vezzini and Ludvica Baselgia
    • Ethernet finds its place in automotive
      Mark Fletcher reports on why it has taken Ethernet so long to become an accepted automotive standard
    • Smoothing the way to greater efficiency
      A common concern that unites the automobile industry is the quest to improve fuel efficiency and thus reduce CO₂ emissions, says Tony Lewin