Automotive Engineering International 2012-04-03

Automotive Engineering International 2012-04-03
  • Automotive Engineering International 2012 SAE World Congress Tech Awards
    The editors of Automotive Engineering International preview the most innovative supplier technologies to be displayed April 24-26 in Detroit at the SAE 2012 World Congress. The top five are highlighted in this edition, but additional technologies and other event coverage can be viewed online at
  • The quest for better turbocharger compressors
    With the prevalence of automotive engine downsizing for better efficiency and emissions, greater emphasis is being placed on turbo aerodynamics to achieve wider-range and high-efficiency single-stage compressors.
  • HCCI: The search for a better burn continues
    A Bosch-led consortium sponsored by the U.S. DOE, and a research team at Sandia National Laboratories, are pushing to unlock the fuel-efficiency potential of the elusive homogeneous-charge compression ignition engine.
  • Illumination is the new interior sensation
    The versatility of LEDs gives stylists many options while raising many challenges for engineers.
  • New refrigerant nears mass production
    The Cadillac XTS model comes out in late spring, with the ATS to follow in mid-summer with the new R-1234yf A/C refrigerant. Behind the scenes, regulatory paperwork issues have delayed production from a DuPont- Honeywell joint venture plant in China, and an SAE committee chairman has asked the EPA to expedite approvals for service equipment.
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