• Autonomous plows ahead
    Agriculture, construction, mining—even marine—are advancing autonomous technology to improve the productivity and safety of vehicles on the job.
  • Expediting engine design
    Simulation tools drive development of the most complex, fuel- efficient and powerful engines ever seen in off-highway applications.
  • Industry 4.0: The smart factory arrives
    The plants that produce vehicles and their high-tech systems are increasingly employing intelligent systems, Big Data and advanced analytics to improve quality, safety and efficiency.
  • The future is not so far-off
  • Enhanced Cat 3500 engine boosts power 20%, trims fuel usage by 10%
  • Phase 2 GHG rules driver for advanced technology, alternative fuels
  • Eaton demonstrates waste heat recovery, variable valve actuation for HD diesels
  • Hyliion develops add-on hybrid system for semi-trailers that reduces fuel consumption by 30%
  • Tech-heavy Iveco Z Truck concept spawns 29 patents
  • EPA’s Grundler talks Phase 2 regs
  • Editorial: What’s old (and revered) is new again
  • Toyota sticking with measured, ‘Teammate’ approach to autonomous development
  • Straight-sixes are back (with electrification) at Mercedes-Benz
  • McLaren faces the electrified and autonomous future
    Can low-volume supercars survive amid stringent CO2 regs and robot cars? McLaren is betting £1 billion on a speedy, powerful—and independent—sports-car future.
  • New Peugeot SUVs jump to modular platform, increase composites use
  • Mercedes EQ concept previews 2019 electric SUV
  • 2017 Nissan Rogue adds hybrid system with EV-only mode
  • Renault’s kids’ racer
  • Focus on advanced safety systems and human-factor interventions
  • The impact of REACH on the aviation sector
    Considered the most comprehensive chemical-regulation legislation to date, REACH presents serious ramifications for the aircraft industry.
  • Lightweighting: What’s Next?
    Experts weigh in on the challenges and future enablers in the battle to reduce vehicle mass.
  • The best of COMVEC 2016
    Autonomous vehicles and improved fuel efficiency via advanced powertrain solutions are pressing topics detailed in this select group of technical papers from the SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress.
  • Optimizing waste heat recovery for long-haul trucks
  • Autonomous solutions in agriculture
  • Downsizing a HD diesel engine for off-highway applications
  • Zero-emissions electric aircraft: Theory vs. reality
  • The comeback car
    The Cal Poly Pomona FSAE Team implements several measures to help overcome setbacks and achieve a podium finish at Formula SAE Lincoln.
  • Going deep
    The uBox concept car developed as part of Clemson’s Deep Orange program features a uniquely formed roof part.
  • Creating a monster
    North Dakota State University SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge team brings to life a war-torn engine pieced together with parts from another.
  • Achieving Performance Advantages in Unmanned Systems
    Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) are reaching new levels of functionality and performance, and it’s not just for air vehicles either.
  • COTS Embedded Systems and Link Budgets
    The days of proprietary embedded computing systems in military systems are numbered.
  • Custom Designing Enclosures Using 3-D CAD Modeling
    Due to the advancement of 3-D computer-aided design software, enclosure manufacturing is not what it used to be. Technology advances industry.
  • Fiber Optic Multi-Sensing Platforms
    Enabling Innovation Across Aerospace Organizations
    Wake Turbulence Recategorization
  • New Concept for Improving the Performance of Electrically Small Antennas
  • Microwave Radiometer for Advanced Nanosatellite Control Systems
  • Secret Sharing Schemes and Advanced Encryption Standard
  • SIPHER: Scalable Implementation of Primitives for Homomorphic Encryption
  • Using Mathematics to Make Computing on Encrypted Data Secure and Practical