• The Best of COMVEC 2016
    Autonomous vehicles, improved fuel efficiency and thermal management are among the pressing topics detailed in this select group of technical papers from the SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress.
  • Autonomous solutions in agriculture
  • Pneumatically shifted air suspension loading on 6x2 trucks
  • Optimizing waste heat recovery for long-haul trucks
  • Downsizing a HD diesel engine for off-highway applications
  • Fan-shroud optimization for enhanced thermal performance
  • Touch takes hold, switches lend a hand
    Touch screens are becoming the norm, but knobs and switches are often used to improve operator comfort.
  • U.S. Army marches toward driverless future
    TARDEC targets vehicle autonomy with new V2V / V2X test bed in Michigan.
  • Automotive influence on off-highway cabs
  • Cummins goes for big power, low emissions with all-new X-Series heavy-duty diesels
  • Full electric drivetrain for HD vehicles the result of supplier alliance
  • NanoSteel confident its new AHSS is ready for volume production
  • Auxiliary hydraulics highlight productivity focus for Deere reduced-tail-swing excavators
  • Electric power to revolutionize heavy-duty distribution trucks
  • Steering Mazda’s unique course
    A chassis engineer at heart, Chairman Seita Kanai challenges his engineers to think differently and embrace the Skyactiv technology that has made Mazda a benchmark.
  • Delphi’s multi-domain mindset
    From tackling the cyber threat to putting 48-volt hybrids with Dynamic Skip-Fire on the road, Engineering VP Mary Gustanski is harnessing a technology powerhouse.
  • The evolving tire-development paradigm
    Advanced tire-simulation modeling allows tire development to keep pace with accelerated vehicle-development cycles.
  • MEMS the word for next-gen HUDs
    New high-speed, quad-channel laser diode drivers are designed to beat the LCD and DLP incumbents for next-gen vehicle head-up displays.
  • Editorial: A how-to for car hackers
  • Mazda’s 2017 G-Vectoring Control brings dynamic refinement
  • Volvo, Uber share the ride to safety with autonomy
  • Inside Porsche’s new V8 and V6 powertrains
  • Citroën to unveil CXperience concept at 2016 Paris show
  • With 2017 Fusion Sport, Ford pushes further toward Audi
  • Volvo S90: Niche for now, but…
  • 2017 Nissan Titan gets new platform, powertrain, cab and bed features
  • James Morgan of the Lean Enterprise Institute talks Lean Product and Process Development and LPPD lessons learned from Toyota.
  • Achieving Performance Advantages in Unmanned Systems
    Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) are reaching new levels of functionality and performance, and it’s not just for air vehicles either.
  • COTS Embedded Systems and Link Budgets
    The days of proprietary embedded computing systems in military systems are numbered.
  • Custom Designing Enclosures Using 3-D CAD Modeling
    Due to the advancement of 3-D computer-aided design software, enclosure manufacturing is not what it used to be. Technology advances industry.
  • Fiber Optic Multi-Sensing Platforms
    Enabling Innovation Across Aerospace Organizations
    Wake Turbulence Recategorization
  • New Concept for Improving the Performance of Electrically Small Antennas
  • Microwave Radiometer for Advanced Nanosatellite Control Systems
  • Secret Sharing Schemes and Advanced Encryption Standard
  • SIPHER: Scalable Implementation of Primitives for Homomorphic Encryption
  • Using Mathematics to Make Computing on Encrypted Data Secure and Practical
  • Ruling the skies
    Warsaw University of Technology and Georgia Tech dominate SAE Aero Design competitions.
  • European teams take top spots at FSAE Michigan, U.S. teams at FSAE Lincoln
    Universitat Stuttgart of Germany and Auburn University of the U.S. take crowns at SAE Collegiate Design Series Formula competitions.
  • Michigan Baja Racing repeats as Baja SAE season champion
    Coming in second is Rochester Institute of Technology, which was victorious in one of the 3 Baja SAE competitions.
  • Types of aircraft passenger-escape systems
    An overview of existing and potential new methods for assuring aircraft occupant safety.
  • SAE Skill India Initiative: S2I2
    A new SAEINDIA collaboration aims to help young engineers acquire “industry-ready” skills.
  • A technology-driven sustainable-agriculture solution
    Pumping more air into the cylinder is key to solving the CAFE puzzle, and engineers are hard at work figuring out the best ways to do it with turbocharger and supercharger innovation.
  • Rotorcraft icing computational tool development
  • 3D printing machines can’t be built fast enough
    In the additive-manufacturing world, the costs of components are dropping, the technology is becoming more reliable and parts are fabricated faster, allowing industries beyond aerospace to adopt additive technologies, says Oak Ridge Lab’s Ryan Dehoff.