• Tearing down the global barriers
    Steering systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as Ian Adcock discovers when talking to the men leading Nexteer’s European expansion
  • €1.1 billion worth of Bentley luxury
    Bentley’s Bentayga is the first in a new generation of luxury cross-overs. Ian Adcock reveals its engineering secrets
  • Goal: “virtual” perfection
    Should simulations be 100% accurate? It’s impractical and unnecessary, says one expert, and lays out the reasons why
  • The weighting game
    Ryan Gehm and Kami Buchholz report on how new materials help vehicles to shed weight
  • Enter the engineering entrepreneurs
    Behind the exhilarating headlines that are the very stuff of motorsport, you will find the specialist entrepreneurs, using their multiple talents to take on the most daunting of engineering challenges
  • Below the surface, into the future
    ‘Sense, plan, act’ is German supplier Continental Technology’s mantra for future technologies, as laid out at the company’s recent symposium
  • Ground-breaking engine concepts unleashed
    Clément Dumand, manager, advanced engineering and research department, PSA Peugeot Citroën, reveals to Ian Adcock how Convergent Science’s meshing software is aiding engine design
  • HMIs extend beyond the cab
    Telematics functions are being integrated into multi-function user interfaces.
  • Standards step forward in design of off-highway electronics
    Functional safety standards are starting to impact many development projects, while the auto industry’s AUTOSAR standard is being deployed to help enable software reuse and simplify designs.
  • Leveraging automotive lightweighting techniques to improve off-highway emissions
    Where systems engineers can gain efficiencies in off-highway equipment is agnostic, they'll take it anywhere, and so they should, but one of the ways, often underestimated, is through the use of strong and lightweight advanced materials.
  • Waste heat recovery for the long haul
    A WHR system based on an organic Rankine cycle has been developed for a long-haul Iveco Stralis truck.
  • 2016 Malibu sheds 300 lb, adds new hybrid system
    More wheelbase, style, fuel economy, and comfort aim to move GM’s volume midsize sedan from the sidelines to the fast lane.
  • Lighter, more powerful 2016 Honda Pilot
    The third-generation SUV gets a sleek new look and plenty of slick technology for enhanced performance and safety.
  • 2016 Mazda MX-5 stays true to its roots
    Mazda engineers give the industry a lesson in getting more from less.
  • 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport spearheads more efficient Land Rovers
    JLR’s space-efficient, flexible SUV moves to JLR’s new Ingenium modular engines.
  • Audi chooses high technology, cautious design evolution for new A4
    In addition to lighter weight and significant improvements in efficiency, the new car employs plenty of technology and driver support.
  • Cellular, security challenge vehicle-to-vehicle’s role
    Telematics links provide many of the benefits of V2V that government regulators are now mandating, while security issues pose major technical challenges, with secure communications a key hurdle for V2V’s rollout.
  • Improving thermal seat comfort
    Optimizing climate seat systems requires increased complexity in seat design, which in turn is driving a need for more detailed thermal simulation methods.
  • Powering on
    Rolls-Royce’s Chief Engineer discusses how new technologies in the Trent XWB family of engines are inspiring current R&D design and evaluation work as part of its strategic roadmap for future big fanjets. Ongoing development work and associated test programs extend across a broad range of activities and involve many partners.
  • Countering cybersecurity threats against unmanned vehicle systems
    Cranfield University researchers have developed a monitoring system whose purpose is to monitor mission profile implementation at both high level mission execution and at lower level software code operation to tackle specific threats of malicious code and possible spurious commands received over a vehicle's data links.
  • The advent of stop-start technology
    As environmental concerns grow for R&D teams, OEMs look to bring the strategy further into the mainstream.
  • Recycling opportunities for hybrid/electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries
    With limited reserves and strict environmental regulations, re-cyclers look to established extraction means to reuse, recycle, and dispose of the used batteries.
  • Cameras look to go the distance
    Automakers seek vision systems with greater distances, improved reliability, and more functionality, thanks to ruggedized complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technologies.
  • Getting right with composites
    With composites now a mainstay in most new aircraft de-signs, the engineering emphasis has switched from understanding if they work to thinking through the most efficient way to manufacture them, such as using design-for-manufacturing software.
  • Autonomous vehicles
    Unmanned vehicles are a thing of the present for many off-highway applications, particularly in the agriculture and mining industries.