• Oil debris monitoring in aero engines
    In a gas turbine engine, small particles or “chips” are generated at the point of wear, serving as an advanced warning that catastrophic failure will occur if the wear is not addressed. Health monitoring systems, such as oil debris monitoring, are used to find these small particles so that the wear can be resolved before it’s too late.
  • Indigenous powertrain development
    Customer needs and expectations on drivability, fuel economy, and safety has pushed Indian and multinational OEMs to think about the development of powertrains and gearboxes for local needs with global standards.
  • The next wave of crash simulation
    As computing speed has improved and software itself has made significant speed and performance gains with each release, modeling tools are now quick enough to build high-quality, large, high-detail vehicle models in a very efficient manner.
  • Screens, cameras provide new look in cab provide new look in cabs
    Video inputs are another option showing up on displays that increasingly offer touch control.
  • Harley-Davidson's e-bike shocker (video)
    Is the motorcycle market ready for a Harley-Davidson EV? Project LiveWire was designed to provide answers, said Chief Engineer Jeff Richlen.
  • Airbus has its eye on the future of cleaner flight
    CleanSky 2 targets are to increase aircraft fuel efficiency enough to reduce CO2 emissions by 20-30% and reduce aircraft NOx and noise emissions by 20-30% compared to newly designed aircraft entering into service in 2014—or essentially halve 2005 CO2 emissions levels by 2050.
  • Soul EV extends the range frontier (video)
    Specially formulated NCM battery cells are key in giving the vehicle class-leading EV range while enabling engineers to fit a high-energy-density battery pack underfloor with little sacrifice of passenger cabin space.
  • Calibration and complexity
    Off-highway engine applications continue to increase in complexity to meet emissions regulations and fuel economy targets as well as to take advantage of advances in electrification and mechatronics. The model-based calibration process has become the industry standard.
  • ECU advances take many paths
    Controllers are evolving rapidly, with a range of microcontrollers distributed throughout the vehicle
  • Working remotely
    A new electrohydraulic steering technology that offers energy efficiency improvement, increased productivity, enhanced safety, and adaptability to operating conditions also has the capacity to support remote operation of a compact wheel loader.
  • Adaptive trimming of composite parts
    Some of the techniques used in the Adaptive Manufacturing System are normal aerospace processes. The unique and enabling process is the scanning and adaptive trimming.
  • 2015 engines ride a technology tidal wave
    Powertrain engineers are diving deeper to find new ways to make light-duty power units more efficient without compromising performance.
  • Connectivity for comfort
    Seat suppliers such as Continental, Johnson Controls, and Faurecia pursue 'networked' seats to enhance safety, personalization, and comfort.
  • Assembling aluminum vehicles in volume
    Ford’s 2015 F-150 pickup pioneers high-volume mass-production of lightweight aluminum car and truck structures.
  • Buckeye Current’s TT triumph
    The Ohio State University reprised its third-place finish in the 2014 TT Zero for all-electric motorcycles, beating some of the pros on the world’s toughest race circuit.
  • Kettering FSAE team improved as season progressed
    Lowest priced may not mean the best, but certainly not the worst.
  • Leveling the field: getting #girlsinstem
    Despite facing the brunt of gender segregation, women are forging ahead and dramatically improving STE M, both academically and professionally.
  • Mercedes-AMG’s SLS departure opens door to new GT
    Powering the car is an all-new biturbo 4.0-L V8 available with two power levels: hot (GT) at 340 kW (456 hp) and exceedingly hot (GTS) at 375 kW (503 hp).
  • All the right connections
    With 2013 sales of $6.8 billion, Dana is a leading tier one supplier. Ian Adcock catches up with its chief technical and quality officer George Constand.
  • Jaguar's lightweight challenger
    Ian Adcock uncovers the secrets that make the XE saloon, Jaguar's most important car yet.
  • Boxing clever
    How composite crashboxes save weight and cost