• Base-engine value engineering for higher fuel efficiency and enhanced performance
    Continuous improvement in existing engines can be efficiently achieved with a value engineering approach. The integration of product development with value engineering ensures the achievement of specified targets in a systematic manner and within a defined timeframe.
  • Integrated system engineering for valvetrain design and development of a high-speed diesel engine
    The lead time for engine development has reduced significantly with the advent of advanced simulation techniques.
  • Cars poised to become ‘a thing’
    Making automobiles part of the Internet of Things brings both risks and rewards.
  • Agility training for cars
    Chassis component suppliers refine vehicle dynamics at the high end and entry level with four-wheel steering and adaptive damping.
  • Evaluating thermal design of construction vehicles
    CFD simulation is used to evaluate two critical areas that address challenging thermal issues: electronic control units and hot-air recirculation.
  • Clutchless hybrid transmission concept for high-performance cars
  • Perkins takes modular approach to new Syncro 2.8- and 3.6-L engines
  • Ground testing begins on the GE9X
  • V-CR, water injection, new EGR methods top SAE engines symposium
  • Next-gen electronic controls: Open source, scalable and integrated
  • Software’s role continues to expand
  • Harman advanced concept brings intuitive HMI to automated driving
  • Airbus brings four dimensions to Airspace
  • Chipmakers gearing up for on-board wireless charging
  • Cadillac XT5’s new platform cuts weight—at less cost
  • Innovative wing structure contributes to Clean Sky next-gen aircraft
  • Nanotechnology may provide self-cleaning, energy-saving ‘smart glass’ for vehicles
  • Biomimetics: nature leads the way on design
  • DSD, Solvay ‘sink their teeth’ into plastic transmission advances
  • Digital dummies in virtual collisions augment traditional crash tests
  • Caterpillar eyes 3D printing for production parts
  • Tesla’s highly-anticipated Model 3 brings technology questions
  • New Komatsu wheel loader with Tier 4F engine consumes 13% less fuel
  • Lockheed Martin LM-100J starts taking (a similar) shape
  • 2017 Pacifica is first hybrid minivan, rides on all-new FCA platform
  • New dawn at Honda R&D
    President Yoshiyuki Matsumoto aims to invigorate Honda's technology and product-development organization with 'full soul.'
  • Automated driving meets regulation: NHTSA and the next 50 years
    The challenges and opportunities on the road to 'zero deaths' demand a new level of federal automotive safety technical standards, and a new safety-defect reporting and recall system. NHTSA and the U.S. Congress must act boldly and quickly to make it happen.
  • Autonomous driving meets regulation: Hands off, eyes off, brain off
    Euro NCAP’S president warns that without coherent policies, the growing availability of automated technologies may result in piecemeal technology development—and unintentional consequences.
  • Designer yin meets engineer yang
    Efficient and effective vehicle development means even closer collaboration between the two former sparring partners.
  • The e-LSD alternative to AWD
    Eaton's new-for-2018 electronic limited-slip differential offers mass, fuel-consumption, and packaging benefits over typical AWD while enhancing vehicle dynamic control.
  • 2016 SAE World Congress: Connected vehicles will be hackers’ trophy
  • 2016 SAE World Congress: Nautilus claims radical advance in HCCI engine development
  • 2016 SAE World Congress: Electric propulsion now 'inescapable'
  • Chipmakers gearing up for onboard wireless charging
  • Tesla’s highly-anticipated Model 3 brings technology questions
  • Mazda reveals retractable-hardtop MX-5 RF
  • Enter two new plug-ins: 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Toyota Prius Prime
  • Lincoln unveils big-SUV future with Navigator concept
  • Nissan targets cabin NVH with big investment in Sentra upgrade
  • UAV Technology
    Using SWaP-C Reductions to Improve UAS/UGV Mission Capabilities
  • UGV Technology
    Designing Rugged Computing Platforms for UGVs
  • UUV & Robotics Technology
    Bi-manual Dexterous Manipulation for Maritime Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • UUV Technology
    Applying UUV Advances to Safeguard Harbors and Littoral Waters
  • Robotics Technology
    Designing a Robot to Counter Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Software's role continues to expand
    Design teams use different technologies to create new software and link systems together.
  • Emissions regulations and engine complexity
    With the European Commission announcing a Stage V criteria emissions regulation for off-highway, scheduled to phase-in as earlly as 2019, there will be an end to a brief era of harmonized new-vehicle regulations. Will this affect an already complex engine development process?
  • Evaluating thermal design of construction vehicles
    CFD simulation is used to evaluate two critical areas that address challenging thermal issues: electronic control units and hot air recirculation.
  • New Komatsu wheel loader with Tier 4F engine consumes 13% less fuel
  • Arctic Cat debuts purpose-built 'snow bike' in 2017 model line
  • Accelerated ash load testing of particulate filters on an automated test rig
  • Origami goes high-tech for potential military applications
  • Autonomous vehicles demonstrate ground-air cooperation
  • Nanotechnology may provide self-cleaning, energy-saving 'smart glass' for vehicles
  • GE scanner enhances defect detection for industrial CT
  • CMU goes full futuristic
    A student team from Carnegie Mellon University offers its take on a proposed new mode of transportation involving tubes and pods.
  • Three CDS teams win MOMENTUM design awards
    Teams from British Columbia Institute of Technology, University of Idaho and Pakistan Navy Engineering College win competition for best description of an innovation for their 2016 SAE Collegiate Design Series vehicle entry.
  • These pro tips can earn your CDS team point
    Members of SAE International’s Collegiate Design Series staff offer 10 tips to help teams fully realize their potential at competition.
  • Electronics arms race hots up
    The automotive supply chain landscape is undergoing huge transformation. Dr. Elmar Dagenhart, chairman of the executive board, Continental AG, explains how his company plans to be right at the forefront
  • Sizing up the down-sizing challenge
    With the impact of VW's 'Dieselgate' still being felt widely, the Aachen automobile and engine technology Colloquium was particularly pertinent this year. Ian Adcock reports on the most significant technologies and presentations.
  • Double coupe coup!
    Automotive Design'sIan Adcock reflects on some of the concept cars from 2015 that caught his eye
  • Fuelling a sustainable future
    What is the best route for the UK to achieve its targeted 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions? Automotive Designweighs up the options
  • No hiding place
    If vehicles eventually talk to each other and to infrastructure stations, as expected, there's going to be a massive amount of data about traffic and road conditions, writes Terry Costlow
  • Achieving top grade
    Volvo becomes only the third manufacturer to install a Vi-GradeSim to develop its chassis. The company's vehicle dynamics concept engineer Carl Sandberg reveals the inner workings of Vi-DriveSim