• Propulsion
    Fanjet Evolution - the Next Steps
  • Composites
    Dry Drilling Composites Using Carbon Dioxide Cooling
  • Deep thinking about deep space
    NASA is mining the rich fields of knowledge and creativity in the minds of university students to improve living and working conditions in space.
  • Rise of the underdogs
    Problem-plagued effort last year spurs Baja SAE team from VIT University of India to overhaul itself and its car.
  • Materials, data-aq packages among choices touted in Collegiate Cup contest
    Central Michigan’s Baja team, which did some impressive materials analyses, takes home the SAE Mid-Michigan Section’s trophy as part of that professional group’s Engineers Week activities.
  • Toyota looks for more from college students than high GPA
    "Those that participate in an SAE related-activity display passion for the automotive industry, and these candidates are ideal for our organization."
  • Bringing it all together
    Ian Adcock catches up with GKN’s newly appointed president, Group Technology, Rob Rickell.
  • Graphene Supreme
    Ian Adcock discovers what role graphene is likely to play in the vehicles of tomorrow.
  • What lies beneath?
    Automotive Design looks into chassis developments that are designed to ensure local preferences are catered for globally.
  • Virtual casting improves powertrain design
    As designers continue to look for ways to cut weight and increase performance, casting simulations are helping optimize designs through faster, more accurate predictions of the casting process used to create key components.
  • Horse racing
    America's pony cars are a favorite of racers and fans alike, so racing them against each other is natural.
  • SAE 2015 World Congress Preview
    Tech trends and exhibitor products are highlighted. Tech trends and exhibitor products are highlighted in this special section, which features an exclusive interview with Honda R&D America’s Jim Keller.
  • Replicating the racing experience
    Professional driving simulators can be successfully exploited to shorten the traditional design-prototype testing-production process relative to a new racecar.
  • Next-generation GDI
    Will new efficiency and emissions rules mean major changes for gasoline direct-injection technology?
  • Hard to answer
    Technical and personal issues make it challenging to link smartphones to vehicles.
  • Composite design optimization for automated fiber placement
    Coriolis Composites and SAFRAN Aircelle worked together on a thrust reverser component demonstrator made with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) material and an AFP process.
  • Making virtual design a reality
    A new virtual design approach for commercial vehicle concepts allows for purposeful design and integration of new concepts and technologies on the component level in an existing product portfolio, while not neglecting the need for standardization and modularity.
  • Rotary SI/CI combustion engines: A thing of the future?
    The internal combustion engine enjoys widespread use as an inexpensive and reliable power conversion system. While piston engines date back 150 years, various alternative engine architectures and cycles have been considered.
  • Aftertreatment comes with challenging diagnosis
    Diagnosing engine and aftertreatment systems is forcing design teams to look at new ways to diagnose problems over long vehicle lifetimes.
  • Taking on NVH reduction techniques
    A look at the enhanced durability benefits obtained by changing the polymer composition, manufacturing methods, and design optimization of a powertrain mount for an off-highway vehicle.