• Level Zero hero
    Jeep’s iconic Wrangler is all-new—and unapologetically analog.
  • Fusing sensors for the automated-driving future
    Complex processing architectures, faster networks and even more sophisticated software are vital for 100% accurate Level 4 and 5 systems.
  • Who wants Afreecar?
    One billion people globally survive on less than $2/day but desperately need personal mobility and electric power. One of the auto industry’s most creative minds offers what could be a unique and sustainable solution.
  • Dana opens new chapter on CVTs
    A dedicated development center is hustling the unique VariGlide “spherical traction drive” toward 2020 production.
  • Plastics key to mobility innovations
    The 2017 SPE Innovation Awards highlight the design, engineering and materials-science collaborations between vehicle OEMs and their tier suppliers.
  • Editorial: Making the case for simple, robust ‘core’ engineering
  • Supplier Eye
    Learnings from a pivotal year
  • The Navigator
    Cooking up the perfect automated-driving system
  • SAE Standards News
    Moving swiftly to define the shared-mobility future
  • Thermal management plucks CAFE’s low-hanging fruit
  • 2019 Corvette ZR1 goes with the (air)flow
  • PSA’s plan of action for Opel/Vauxhall: electrification, shared platforms
  • Kiekert unveils automatic-door tech for autonomous vehicles
  • 2018 Stinger: Kia’s track-capable family hauler
  • 2018 Porsche Cayenne rides high on air suspension, lighter unibody
  • Q&A
    Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath
  • Meeting truck autonomy hurdles head-on
    Combining sensors, inter-vehicle communications and controllers poses major challenges in the effort to bring greater levels of automation to commercial trucking.
  • Simulation key to additive manufacturing analysis
    Advanced simulation tools help to optimize 3D printing processes before physical build.
  • Making the case for battery-electric fleet power
    Battery systems edge closer to a tipping point as commercial and heavy-duty fleets broaden their application.
  • Electrified forklifts go big
    Hoist Liftruck brings full electrification to some of the biggest forklift trucks, motivated only in part by regulatory pressures.
  • Editorial
    Managing heat with ‘cool’ tech
  • Navistar, VW pursue common electric powertrain, global connectivity platform
  • ZED Connect brings mobile-based ELD to improve safety and service
  • IAV brings variable valvetrains to heavy duty
  • Assessing a vehicle’s cooling system performance
  • Kohler engineers new 5400 engines for lower NVH, easier start-ups
  • Case IH Quadtrac CVX the first 4WD articulated tractor to offer a CVT
  • Mack hits the highway with style and technology
  • Tenneco’s CTO Dr. Ben Patel discusses active and passive thermal management strategies for NOx reduction and fuel economy gains
  • High-Reliability Capacitors
    When the Mission Just Can’t Fail
  • WIAMan
    High-Tech Test Lab Focuses on Saving Soldiers’ Lives
  • Improving the Surface Finish of Additive Manufactured Parts
    A new chemical immersion treatment could revolutionise the aerospace industry
  • Using Thermoplastic Composites for Aerospace Applications
  • Identifying and Isolating Signals Using Radio Frequency Photonics
  • Bioinspired Surface Treatments for Improved Decontamination: Commercial Products
    Investigation seeks to determine which coatings shed fluids most effectively.
  • Mechanical Characterization and Finite Element Implementation of the Soft Materials Used in a Novel Anthropometric Test Device for Simulating Underbody Blast Loading
    Understanding the mechanical behavior of components made from eight soft polymer materials is necessary to ensure the predictive capability of WIAMan FE models.
  • Processing and Characterization of Lightweight Syntactic Materials
    Hollow spheres encapsulated in a metal matrix, syntactic metal foam offer significant potential as lightweight energy-absorbing materials.
  • High Temperature Graphene-Peek Adhesive
    Compounding graphene into polymers has the potential to improve various material properties, even at very low concentrations.
  • Stress Corrosion-Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue Impact of IZ-C17+ Zinc-Nickel on 4340 Steel
    New protective material could replace cadmium and aluminum coatings on critical components.
  • Rockets re-engineered—a step further into the cosmos
  • Powertrain design for reliability
  • Ice breaker
    Mazda’s Skyactiv-X beats the big companies to market with a promising new engine that marries Otto and Diesel attributes.
  • Advances for off-highway engine design
    As manufacturers continue to drive out cost and meet a worldwide patchwork of regulatory frameworks, the tools for developing those engines are advancing. From showcase prototypes to advanced analytical techniques, suppliers are helping the cause.
  • Aeroacoustic simulation delivers breakthroughs in aircraft noise reduction
  • Autonomy testing: Simulation to the rescue
    Autonomous technology development injects new rigors on vehicle-development testing.
  • All about endurance
    Co-founder of San Diego State University Baja SAE team narrates a success story from behind the wheel.
  • Air superiority
    Legacy of the astronaut Neil Armstrong helps provide institutional motivation for aerospace engineering students at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Spartan power
    Concentration on new engine helps propel San Jose State to success at 2017 Formula SAE Michigan competition.

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