• Thought leadership at WCX17
    Lucid Motors’ David Moseley: EV or ICE, “It is all physics”
  • New eye on the road
    One of the industry’s hottest tech suppliers is blazing the autonomy trail by crowd-sourcing safe routes and using AI to learn to negotiate the road. Mobileye’s co-founder and CTO explains.
  • Hard, slick and ready to roll
    A tough, self-renewing catalyst coating developed at Argonne National Laboratory provides unprecedented friction and wear protection for vehicle powertrains, the inventors claim.
  • Sensor ICs, semiconductors and safety
    To achieve ISO 26262 compliance, engineering practices must be taken to a higher level. The following insights may prove valuable for getting there.
  • New VCR targets 40% BTE
    Variable-compression ratio with VVA from France’s MCE-5.
  • Editorial: Nation of Innovation
  • SAE Standards News
    Sharpening the focus on OBD-II security
  • Supplier Eye
    Smaller suppliers facing global challenges
  • Chicago auto show: All-new 2018 Ford Expedition gets aluminum body, 10-speed
  • Chicago fire: Dodge wedges 375-hp Hemi V8 into Durango SRT
  • Visteon tests augmented-reality HUD for Level 4 autonomy
  • Nissan’s new King Cab full of patent potential
  • Early ride: Lucid Motors’ 1000-hp Air ‘alpha’ electric prototype
  • Horst Binnig, Rheinmetall CEO, talks e-products
  • ‘Not just a student club’
    How the University of Toronto Aerospace team (UTAT) came to redefine the mission and structure of the design team.
  • Success doesn’t come by chance
    In an SAE International technical paper, students at the University of Idaho identify best practices for their SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge team.
  • Winning formula
    Auburn University team hopes to carry forward the momentum of victory at the 2016 Formula SAE Lincoln competition into 2017.
  • A greener future for two-wheelers
    New BS VI emissions standards for two-wheelers are an enviro-opportunity.
  • Additive manufacturing
    How 3D printing will transform the A&D support chain.
  • Autonomous plows ahead
    Agriculture, construction, mining—even marine—are advancing autonomous technology to improve the productivity and safety of vehicles on the job.
  • Bridging the power gap with 48 volts
    New 48-V technologies are poised to arrive in volume to help meet CO2 regulations and satisfy the “vampire” power demands of new electrical subsystems and accessories.
  • Advances in lightweight electronics protection
    Conformal coatings increase reliability of aerospace and military assemblies.
  • Open Standard Middleware Enables New HPEC Solutions
  • Cooling Your Embedded System
    What Can Your Open Standard Architecture Handle?
  • Evaluating Key Certification Aspects of Multicore Platforms for Safety Critical Avionics Applications
  • Simulating and Analyzing Flow for an Air-to-Air Refueling System
  • The Ins and Outs of Spaceflight Passive Components and Assemblies
  • Development of High Quality 4H-SiC Thick Epitaxy for Reliable High Power Electronics Using Halogenated Precursors
  • Silicon Based Mid-Infrared SiGeSn Heterostructure Emitters and Detectors
  • Reconfigurable Electronics and Non-Volatile Memory Research
  • Energy-Filtered Tunnel Transistor: A New Device Concept Toward Extremely Low Energy Consumption Electronics
  • Autonomous plows ahead
    Agriculture, construction, mining—even marine—are advancing autonomous technology to improve the productivity and safety of vehicles on the job.
  • Expediting engine design
    Simulation tools drive development of the most complex, fuel- efficient and powerful engines ever seen in off-highway applications.
  • Industry 4.0: The smart factory arrives
    The plants that produce vehicles and their high-tech systems are increasingly employing intelligent systems, Big Data and advanced analytics to improve quality, safety and efficiency.
  • The future is not so far-off
  • Enhanced Cat 3500 engine boosts power 20%, trims fuel usage by 10%
  • Phase 2 GHG rules driver for advanced technology, alternative fuels
  • Eaton demonstrates waste heat recovery, variable valve actuation for HD diesels
  • Hyliion develops add-on hybrid system for semi-trailers that reduces fuel consumption by 30%
  • Tech-heavy Iveco Z Truck concept spawns 29 patents
  • EPA’s Grundler talks Phase 2 regs